Morinda Juice Benefits

Morinda Juice works as a 'Cancer Inhibitor'

Morinda Juice's effect on cancer most likely deals with the fact that both Morinda Juice and cancer work on a cellular level. In other words, Morinda Juice enhances cellular structure while cancer, of course, destroys it. One of the Morinda Juice's key components, proxeronine, is sent to "sick" cells within the body by the Golgi apparatus and reticuloendothelium. These sick cells attract Proxeronine and an enzyme, Proxeroninease.
The interaction creates Xeronine , the cellular enhancer. Several other studies have been performed in laboratories in order to validate Morinda citrifolia's cancer-fighting abilities. In one such study, four Japanese scientists injected RAS cells (cell that are precursors to many malignant growths) with a substance called Damnacanthal found in Morinda citrifolia. They observed that the injection significantly inhabited the RAS cells from reproducing. Proxeronine and Damnacanthal are substances within Morinda citrifolia that are believed to be anti-cancer agents.

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