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Contents of Morinda Juice

Morinda Juice contains
• Immune system boosters
• Protein assimilators
• Cancer Inhibiting compounds
• Antioxidants, Alkaloids and Amino Acids.

Morinda Juice is a Natural Health Enhancer from a fruit called `Morinda citrifolia’

It supports healthy people to stay healthy always and the sick people to become healthy all the ways. It has been researched by more than 30 Universities in six countries of the world.

It is used by millions of people worldwide with miraculous results. It is truly the most exciting and promising Health Enhancer for today’s Indian family because on the one hand, Morinda Juice detoxifies and cleanses our body and on the other, it builds and strengthens the cells of our body


Morinda Juice combined with the goodness of Kokum is a powerful, health-giving food formulated from nature for greater health, greater energy, vitality, body balancing and well-being. Morinda is known to help revitalize cells & tissues , boosts Immunity, provides better vigor & vitality and increases mental & physical energy.

Each 30ml containsMorinda Citrifolia : 800 mg
Garcinia Indica : 200 mg
Sugar Free Base q.s.
Permitted colour and flavour q.s

Morinda Juice (Morinda Citrifolia) has been used for more than 2000 years to support the entire body system as a food and medicine for number of health conditions. The Ayurveda mentions Morinda in its ancient texts and has traditionally been used to cure ailments and diseases.It is rich in vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C & minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus etc. Morinda is best known to build Xeronine levels in the body. Xeronine is required by many vital systems in the body to carry out their important duties. A Xeronine deficiency occurs in the body with age, stress, illness and a poor diet. Morinda , Nature’s Own Nutrition is believed to have 150+ nutrients including Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants.

The Morinda Juice is enriched with Kokum (Garcinia indica) is an excellent source of antioxidants that helps to minimize the impact of many diseases.

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Morinda Juice

The Ayurvedic Family Health Tonic
which supports Healthy People
to stay Healthy Always

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