About Morinda Juice

Morinda Juice Works as a Protein Regulator and Activator

Thanks to Dr. Ralph Heinickie who found out that Morinda citrifolia fruit is a rich resource of large molecules called 'Proxeronine' (pro-zair-o-neen). Proxeronine combines with enzymes in the body to form an essential substance known as Xeronine (zair-o-neen).
Once Xeronine is formed, it combines with many proteins in the body that require Xeronine to function. Not all proteins, but many vital proteins, acting as hormones, antibodies, and enzymes need Xeronine to carry out their duties. What do proteins do and why are they important? Proteins give structure to hair, skin and bones. They allow the transport of chemicals and Nutrients through the cell membrane. Proteins also act as hormones, Co-ordinating all bodily processes at the molecular level. Proteins act as antibodies and incapacitate foreign bodily invaders such as viruses. They also act as enzymes and facilitate all chemical production in the body. Many of these proteins cannot function without Xeronine, Proxeronine, which is rich in Morinda Juice produces that Xeronine.

Why is a Proxeronine-Rich-Supplement important in our diet?

Some reasons include the loss of micro-nutrients from the soil and poor nutrition in our diet. Even illness, a highly active or stressful lifestyle and aging plays an increased demand on proteins. In order to meet these demands and keep the body healthy, we need to increase the supply of Proxeronine by regulating drinking Morinda Juice. This helps us overcome low levels of Xeronine in our bodies and restores healthy protein assimilation.

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