Morinda Juice Benefits

Morinda Juice Works as a Protein Regulator and Activator

Every cell in the body is like a house with doors and windows. When you have to drive a car into a garage you need to open the large door. The same goes to on in our body if we have to absorb a larger protein molecule, we need to open a larger pore if we have to use it. Our cells are made up of micro-particles such as neutrons, protons, cytoplasm, golgi bodies, etc. which are genetically engineered to work well in a chemical - free environment. But because we live in a chemically polluted environment, many types of toxins and pollutants are going into our body. They, wrapping the cells day by day, have formed multiple layers around the cells walls, Thus lead to the closure or shrinking of the 'pores' of the cell walls. Consequently, the inter-cellular communication is prevented, the cells are damaged and they forget their purposes, they neither do their regular functions correctly nor efficiently.

Morinda Juice being the powerful De-toxifier removes the toxic layers on the cell walls and it enlarges the pores of the cell walls. This enlargement allows for larger chains of peptides (amino acids or proteins) to be admitted into the cell and to feed us better. If these chains are not used they become waste and precious source of energy is lost by going to far or being eliminated. But because of Morinda Juice’s detoxification process, the cells resume their communications, are reminded of their proposes and they are rejuvenated with greater strength and life. Now the cells are able to assimilate the nutrients and medicines easily. They are strengthened and healed at their roots. This is the basis if Morinda Juice’s cellular activity that causes the enhancement of efficacy of the medicine.

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